Kiki Kang Editorial for Maire Claire China, October 2009

It seems like Du Juan, Hye Park & Han Jin are all in semi-retirement and Lakshmi Menon, Liu Wen & Tao Okamoto have reached their peaks. So it only makes sense that new Asian faces are storming the doors to make a name for themselves.

Shu Pei is definitely the latest Asian star of the moment with editorials in W Magazine & US Glamour in January 2010 alone. That is pretty impressive for any model, much less an Asian girl. So who is the up-and-coming model?

Kiki Kang just scored an impressive ad campaign with Topshop, Spring 2010 this season. And her look is very versatile, based on this editorial and others I’ve seen. What do you think?

Model: Kiki Kang (New York)
Editorial: ??
Magazine: Marie Claire China, October 2009
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown

Source: ecec @ tFs

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