Mey Bun Magazine Cover for (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009

Mey Bun is having a resurgence right now. She did her first show at New York Fashion Week, Spring 2004 so she’s been around for a few of years. However, in the last couple of months, she has appeared on Russian Vogue (August 2009), Dazed & Confused (July 2009) and now, she landed a cover for (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009.

Does anyone know if she has been with New York Models the whole time or did she switch agency and got a boost in her career?

Also, I noticed that her look has changed dramatically. She has lost a lot of weight and turned her cutesy, baby face look into a leaner, svelte model.

Model: Mey Bun (New York)
Magazine: (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009
Photographer: Timothy Rosado
Stylist: Poodle Pushers
Makeup & Hair: Lorraine Godfry


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