New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2011: Sunday, September 12, 2011

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.
Number of Shows this Season:
Alyssah Ali (IMG): 2
Bonnie Chen (Next): 3
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 4 [Close: 1]
Carolyn Geh (Q): 2
Danni Li (Elite): 1
Dinara Chetyrova (Muse): 3
Du Juan (IMG): 1
Emma Xie (Trump): 5
Emma Pei (IMG): 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump): 1
Hye Park (Trump): 1
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 2
Jing Ma (Muse): 6
Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent): 2
Kiki Kang (Supreme): 2
Lakshmi Menon (Supreme): 2
Lee Hye Jung (MC2): 1
Lily Zhi (IMG): 3
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 9
Liu Xu (Marilyn): 2
Miao (Wilhemina): 3
Ming Xi (Ford): 10
Philip Huang (DNA): 2
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 2
Selina Khan: (One): 3
Stephanie Lee (Elite): 3
Shu Pei (Next): 8
So Young Kang (Marilyn): 2
Sun FeiFei (Women): 8
Tao Okamoto (Ford): 7 [Close: 1]
Zhang Xu Chao (Muse): 3

Model: Emma Xie (Trump)
Designer: A Détacher, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Sun FeiFei (Women), Shu Pei (Next), Ming Xi (F0rd) & Liu Xu (Marilyn)

Designer: Altazurra, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Selina Khan (One), Hyoni Kang (Ford) & Philip Huang (DNA)
Designer: Band of Outsiders, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: Zhang Xu Chao (Muse)
Designer: Behnaz Sarafpour, Spring/Summer 2011
Model: Lily Zhi (IMG)
Designer: Charlotte Ronson, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: Stephanie Lee (Elite)
Designer: Christian Cota, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Designer: Derek Lam, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Ming Xi (Ford), Tao Okamoto (Ford), Hye Park (Trump) & Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Diane von Furstenberg, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: Sun FeiFei (Women)
Designer: DKNY, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Sun FeiFei (Women) & Shu Pei (Next)
Designer: Max Azria, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Emma Xie (Trump) & Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Close: Charlene Almarvez (F0rd)
Designer: Juan Carlos Obando
Model: Kiki Kang (Supreme)
Designer: Lela Rose, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Jing Ma (Muse), Carolyn Geh (Q), Miao (Wilhelmina), Stephanie Lee (Elite) & Alyssah Ali (IMG)
Designer: Malandrino, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Ming Xi (Ford)
Designer: Preen, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: So Young Kang (Marilyn)
Designer: Rebecca Taylor, Spring/Summer 2011

Models: Carolyn Geh (Q), Jing Ma (Muse), Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent) & Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Suno, Spring/Summer 2011

Model: Sun FeiFei (Women)
Designer: Thakoon, Spring/Summer 2011

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