Sonny Zhou Ad Campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue, Spring 2009

At first glance, I thought it was Liu Wen in this ad campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue. But as I scanned and edited the photos, I realized it was actually Sonny Zhou. It is great to see her back in a US-based fashion publication again — this 5-page ad appeared in US Vogue, March 2009.

Sonny was one of my favorite Asian models when I started this blog over 2 years ago but she sort of disappeared over a year ago following the invasion of South Korean models like Hyoni Kang, Hyun Yi Lee and Daul Kim.

Does anyone know what she’s been up to lately? She must have been in NYC a couple months ago to do this photo shoot so I expect to see more of her work appearing soon. Foreign-based models usually come to NYC after their agencies have booked them a couple of jobs back-to-back. Sonny Zhou is based in Shanghai, China.

Case in point, NY-based model, Gwen Lu was in Paris last July/August and was photographed by Naomi Yang (Paris-based photographer) for Taiwan Vogue, September 2008 and French Biba, October 2008. At the same time, she also booked editorial jobs for French Glamour, November 2008 and French SOON Magazine, Spring 2009.

Model: Sonny Zhou (IMG)
Ad Campaign: Saks Fifth Avenue, Spring 2009
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Scanned by AMB, from US Vogue, March 2009

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