Credit Sources for Sexy Korean Models!

I did promise I will do a list of my credit sources (for the sexy Korean Models listed on my blog) after the Korean Model Rankings is over.

So here it is: ( I disable right-clicking on my blog for several reasons; so in case you can’t copy and paste the links; download this text file which has all the links)

Smoking Hot Hwang Mi Hee
(Hope to see more pictures like smoking hot Hwang Mi Hee (smoke rising outta my pants) in this stunning mini-skirt and skimpy top; showing dangerous sexy curves and her rather under-rated cleavage!) (highly recommended)

Hopefully I didn’t miss any out!

A big thanks for these wonderful photographers for bringing these equally wonderful Korean Models for us to ogle! 😉

Xeno has a very good credit source on his blog too (Which is bigger than mine). Be sure to check it out!

Enjoy 🙂

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