Daul Kim in Nordstrom Catalog, February 2008

Daul Kim’s look and personality (from what I read on her blog, i like to i fork myself) reminded me a lot of Yoko Ono in the early 70s — a bit weird, a little anti-social and a whole lot rebellious. She is definitely NOT your typical Korean girl like Hye Park (who is Korean American) or Han Jin; nor can I imagine them socializing together outside of work. That makes Daul Kim an interesting girl.

Her personality comes through quite vividly in some of the editorials she’s done. I bet a lot of photographers like that rebel chick in her. She would be great in an Anna Sui or Betsy Johnson ad campaign.

Here are some catalog photos from Nordstrom, February 2008. Photo #1 and #3 defines Daul Kim so perfectly. She’s not the type of girl who would sits on a chair quietly.

Model: Daul Kim
Catalog: Nordstrom, February 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Nordstrom

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