Emma Pei Editorial for China Vogue, August 2008

Sometimes Emma Pei can look a little too young for high fashion editorials but this set (it is incomplete, I’m missing 2 photos) is simply spectacular. The makeup and hair are top notch. The set is stunning — the narrow passage way created by the walls really work here. It adds a lot to the drama and the mood of the clothes, hair and makeup. All in all, a job well done.

Is this “Mickey Mouse ear” thing a new trend in hair fashion? I have seen quite a few of them in editorials lately. It is definitely different and high fashion but probably not very practical for every day life

Also, this is undoubtedly the BEST editorial Emma Pei has done to date. And one of the best from China Vogue.

Model: Emma Pei
Editorial: Chic Start
Magazine: China Vogue, August 2008
Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui
Stylist: Ling Wu
Source: tFs
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