Eugenia Mandzhieva, Du Juan & Hye Park Editorial for Time Magazine's Style & Design Issue, Fall 2008

Time Magazine recently released its annual Style & Design issue and included in this year’s compilation is an article on the emergence Asian models in the international fashion scene. An editorial (actually, it’s just one photo) that accompanied the article features Eugenia Mandzhieva, Du Juan and Hye Park in white dresses and gold sandals. There is also a compendium video on Time Magazine’s website, Time Video, which has better photos/images than the one published in the magazine.

Eugenia Mandzhieva, one of my favorite Asian models, is actually of Russian nationality. Despite her amazing cat-like look, her career has not matched those of other top Asian models. I believe this is, in part due to the fact that Eugenia does not have China Vogue or Korea Vogue backing her career like those of Du Juan and Hye Park respectively. Du Juan is a regular on China Vogue and Hye Park is on almost every issue of Korea Vogue. The support and media exposure they get from those magazines helped push their careers up to the next level. In contrast, Eugenia Mandzhieva has only appeared on the cover of Russian Vogue once and that was in June 2007.

Eugenia Mandzhieva’s most significant exposure has been on the runways of New York, Milan and Paris. Unfortunately, it has not translated to major success in terms of editorial pages or/and ad campaigns. Most of her print work has been for foreign publications like China Vogue (March 2008) and Korea Vogue (??). Lately, she has also been doing a lot of catalog shoots and appearing in ad campaigns in the US, specifically for SimplyVera by Vera Wang (Fall 2007) and Uniqlo (Fall 2008).

N.B.: The full text of the Time Magazine article is posted on this companion blog, Fashion Intellect.

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva, Du Juan & Hye Park
Editorial: Color Lines on the Catwalk
Magazine: Time Magazine, Style & Design Issue, Fall 2008
Photographer: George Lange

Source: George Lange Photo

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