G★Star and KOAA 2010 Events roundup! (Comments)

Rounding up the above mentioned events with this album upload (84 photo pack!!)

First off I have to say that almost the entire Korean Model crew came out in force for these 2 events!

Even with the likes of Jeon Ye Hee (Been missing her for more than a year already!) and Kim Yu Ha making appearances again!

Comments (KOAA):

No doubt that Lee Eun Seo and Cha Seon Hwa are the next “bombshells”; but veterans Ji Yeon Soo, Park Si Hyun, Lee Sung Hwa, Kim Yu Ha and Park Soo Kyung are still “wow”. They are definitely no pushovers!

Overall I love the newer costumes cause they reveal fantastic cleavages and smoking hot legs! 🙂

Comments (G★Star):

Heo Yun Mi is the next big thing in this event; arguably the most photographed model… swiping aside the legendary bunch of Hwang Mi Hee, Ryu Ji Hye, Song Ji Na, Kang Yui, Han Ga Eun, Bang Eun Young, Kim Ha Yul and Choi Yu Jung.

Don’t get me wrong, all of them are still stunning; but Heo Yun Mi simply outshone them all.

The booth girls definitely didn’t get much coverage; it’s a shame cause the likes of Song Ji Na, Kang Yui, Jeon Ye Hee (Glad she’s back! She looks a bit pale; but still beautiful) and Nam Eun Ju are all very beautiful!

Ju DaHa looks the best in the “Kingdom under Fire” outfit; though Ryu Ju Hye; Choi Yu Jung and Angel Arim (I miss her angry look!) are stunning as well.

Best “Shooter” of the bunch? Not Bang Eun Young, Hwang In Ji, Shin Sun A or Han Ji Eun.

It’s Kim Hyun Jin!

Lee Soo Jung and Kim Ha Yul (in fishnet stockings!) are great with their hot legs; but once again Heo Yun Mi stole the limelight.

Choi Byeol Yee and Han Ga Eun are disappointing; looking just average.

Choi Seul Ki’s costume is just perfect for her; showing a nice ass and pair of legs.

G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010
G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010
G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010

G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010
G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010
G★Star 2010, KOAA 2010

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