Gwen Lu Editorial for SOON Magazine #7 Spring 2009

I have to admit, this is Gwen Lu’s edgiest editorial work to date. Her recent trip to Paris over the summer definitely paid off when she shot with Paris-based photographers Naomi Yang (for Taiwan Vogue, September 2008; French Biba, October 2008) and Justin Cooper (for French SOON Magazine #7, Spring 2009). She also has an editorial in the November 2008 issue of French Glamour, which I’m still trying to hunt down.

If anyone has a copy of this month’s French Glamour (Penelope Cruz on the cover), please scan Gwen Lu’s editorial for me.

Model: Gwen Lu

Editorial: Fields of Sorrow

Magazine: SOON Magazine #7, Spring 2009

Photographer: Justin Cooper

Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz

Makeup: Miky @ BAgency

Hair: Philippe Mensah @ BAgency

Source: MySpace/SOON Magazine
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