New Feature: Commentaries & Opinions

An anonymous poster commented that I have been complaining about the editorials lately. For that, I would like to say, thank you for noticing my recent complaints, or as I would like to call it, commentaries and opinions. 🙂

Actually, a fellow NYC fashion blogger and I met for coffee recently and we discussed about the lack of essay on my blog. For the longest time, all I did was post the photos and said nothing. And sometimes, I would simply post the photos here, whether they were good or awful.

So I decided to try something new on the blog: add my commentary/opinion/complaint/praise on everything from fashion to editorials and ad campaigns. I am curious to see your reactions. 🙂

To be fair, it wasn’t complaints all the time. I did have wonderful things to say about Han Jin’s editorial in Korea Vogue called, LA Confidential.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to post the comments on Asian Models Blog. I appreciate your input. And I will try to be less whiny next time.

x0x0, AMB

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