Philip Huang Ad Campaign for Lord & Taylor, Winter 2008

Update (12/18/08): According to a commenter, Philip first started at New York Models and then moved to IMG briefly until the men’s division split off to become Public Image Worldwide. Many models left Public Image because of the departure of one of their key bookers (Tyson, RJ, Boyd, etc.. the big guys, all left). Now Public Image has merged with DNA Mens, and the agency that we know as Public Image no longer exists.

Philip left to be represented by Pure Management because the woman who REALLY owns the agency used to head the IMG Mens, as well as her own agency, CLEAR. Philip is represented by them, but don’t think it’s his own agency.


Philip Huang, the hardest working Asian male model in the US, recently opened his own talent agency called, Pure Management NYC and quickly signed himself up as the top talent at the new company. So what prompted the bold move?

After IMG Models, which represented Philip Huang for many years, dissolved its male models division in October 2007, a new agency called Public Image Worldwide absorbed all the 125+ male models who were suddenly left out in the cold. Philip stayed with Public Image Worldwide for less than a year and moved on to create his own agency.

I’ve got one thing to say — Bravo, Philip!

Models: Philip Huang & other models
Ad Campaign: Lord & Taylor, Winter 2008
Photographer: Matthew Brookes


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