Philip Huang, Ai Tominaga, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Colin Wee & Aline Serpa Editorial for L'Uomo Vogue

These photos are from an editorial called, Shanghai Hotel for the Italian magazine, L’Uomo Vogue, photographed by Greg Kadel. The first two photos (with text) are actually pages from the magazine while the rest of the (original) photos are from Greg Kadel’s website.

Ai Tominaga (left), Eugenia Mandzhieva (middle in white) and Philip Huang (right)
Phililp Huang (left) and Ai Tominaga (front)

Eugenia Mandzhieva (left) and Philip Huang (right)

Ai Tominaga (left)

Ai Tominaga (center) & Aline Serpa (right)

Aline Serpa (left) & Philip Huang (right)

Liam (left), Philip Huang (middle in white) and Ai Tominaga (right)
Models: Ai Tominaga, Aline Serpa, Liam, Eugenia Mandzhieva & Philip Huang
Editorial: Shanghai Hotel
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Magazine: L’Uomo Vogue, 2007??

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