Shitomi Gilson & Shien Lee Editorial for UCE Magazine #2 May/June 2008

The Hong Kong movie, In the Mood for Love has inspired hundreds of fashion shoots. I believe there are at least four other fashion editorials on this theme in this blog alone.

Here is another editorial inspired by In the Mood for Love from a new online fashion/design/culture magazine called UCE Magazine. I have to admit, the quality of the content and photogprahy are quite exceptional for an online magazine. It reads like a real paper magazine without resorting to those childish, splashy, ADD-addled contents/typography that are so prevalent in ditigal media publications today.

Model: Shitomi Gibson & Shien Lee
Editorial: Mood for Love
Magazine: UCE Magazine #2, June/July 2008
Photographer: Fillipo Vel Dita
Stylist: Shelley Zhao

Source: UCE Magazine
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