Zhu Lin & Zhang Xu Chao Editorial

Here is IMG’s latest acquisition from China — Zhu Lin. The 5′ 11.5″ tall model was signed with the agency earlier this season but her first season in New York City was not very successful. Nonetheless, this editorial below shows how spectacular she looks. She reminds me a little of Mo Wandan but with a longer, leaner frame. [Mo Wandan also did a few closeup beauty editorials that looked somewhat like this.] The makeup and hair in the editorial are topnotch. The photography and editing here are also some of the best I’ve seen for a beauty ad. Can you imagine Lancôme or Estée Lauder using her in their beauty ads?

Photos #1 and #2 are my favorite of the bunch. It’s so interesting to see how the cat eye makeup made her eyes larger than they really are. And look at the length of her neck!! Models with the best bodies usually have unusually long necks and legs, especially the calves (between the knees and ankles), and a short torso (high hips), like Han Jin, who was reported to have the best body in the industry.

Zhang Xu Chao in Photos #3 and #4 is a new Chinese model who recently shot a magazine cover with Singapore Style Magazine. She is definitely someone to look out for in the future.

Does anyone know where these photos are from? Is this a magazine editorial or a beauty ad? Who is the photographer? I want to provide as much information as possible so everyone can get credit for their wonderful work.

Model: Zhu Lin (Photos 1, 2 & left in 5 & 6) and Zhang Xu Chao (Photos 3, 4 and right in 5 & 6)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Unknown
Photographer: Chen Man

Source: tFs
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